Make a Will Fortnight

From 8 to 21 October 2018, a group of amazing solicitors gave you their time, free of charge, to draft or update a standard Will for you. In return, all we asked is that you made a donation to St Peter’s Hospice. To give you some idea of how much this would normally cost you, solicitors usually charge upward of £175 to draft a standard Will.

Thank you to all the solicitors in Bristol who gave their time free of charge to support the Hospice. It is now possible to use this service all year round with McClure Solicitors. McClure offer home visits across the country and have offices in 15 locations outside of Bristol. If you would like to make an appointment with McClure, please call 0800 852 1999.

Over the last five years, close to £100,000 has been raised by supporters taking part in this initiative.

Why should you make a Will or update your existing Will?

  • To protect your estate for those you wish to benefit
  • To ensure an unmarried partner and/or your children have somewhere to live
  • To ensure your children are looked after if you die
  • To ensure that your current Will is in line with your current circumstances
  • To allow your unmarried co-habitor to inherit from your estate, which they will not do automatically

To find out more or if you have any questions about taking part in Make a Will Fortnight, contact Louise Turner on or 01275 391 434.

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