Remember Us in Your Will

Leave a Gift in your Will today...make a difference tomorrow

No-one should have to face a life-limiting illness on their own. But leaving a Gift in your Will to your local charity means that the specialist care we provide in your community for patients, their families, children and carers will run long into the future.

  • In a typical year, the care and support for 1 in 5 of our patients is paid for by Gifts that people leave us in their Wills
  • Whether you leave us a percentage of your estate or a cash sum, every gift means so much to us

Please think of us when you make or update your Will.

Our Promises to you...

We understand that the decision to leave us a Gift in your Will is not one you’ll take lightly. So, in return for your special gift to us:

  • We will use your gift to provide the best possible care for our patients and their families
  • If you need any guidance on how to make or update your Will, we can help
  • We can also help if you’d like more information about whether Inheritance Tax affects you
  • You don’t have to tell us your decision – we respect your privacy
  • If you would like to come and see what we do, just let us know
  • And finally, it’s your decision whether or not to receive regular updates about the Hospice.