Why we Partied for Pete

Robyn and her family held a ‘Party for Pete’ event for St Peter’s Hospice. This story explains why…

My mum was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer that had spread to the liver in February 2012. We were told it was terminal but doctors were willing to try a new and very aggressive form of chemotherapy. Unfortunately this didn’t work and so treatment was stopped in the June. After a hard fight mum passed away on October 9th 2012 whilst in St Peter’s Hospice.

Throughout mums fight the nurses and doctors at St Peter’s provided outstanding care and support to both mum and all of her family. Mum always felt safe and comfortable whilst in the hospice and continually spoke so highly of them. The evening we lost mum the nurses on duty were so caring and compassionate. They sat with mum and held her hand until me and my dad arrived and kept her calm and comfortable. That night will always remain the hardest thing me and my dad will have had to experience and although forever an extremely painful memory, the support and treatment we all received will continue to stay with us.

We cannot thank everyone at St Peter’s Hospice enough and wish to continue to raise money to enable others to receive the care my mum did. This July we hosted a Party for Pete Black Tie event called Fabulous Foxy’s Fundraiser (Foxy was my mum’s nickname) and just over 120 people came to celebrate mums memory and everyone dug deep to raise as much money as we could. We had performances from Lacie Hall, my mums niece, who sang all of mums favourite songs and we had a DJ for people to party the night away. Through contact with various businesses we were able to get some fantastic donations for a raffle to help raise even more money. We were very lucky and received prizes such as a day at Clifton Relaxtion Centre with full use of the facilities, an over night stay with breakfast for two in Cardiff, a 32″ flat screen TV and lots more from people wishing to add to the cause.

The night was so successful I aim to hold something every year to celebrate mum’s life and help others that have had to experience the devastating illness that my family had to. We were able to present St Peter’s Hospice with £2,453.34.

Inspired by the Milkins family?

If you’ve been inspired by Robyn and her family, why not hold your own ‘Party for Pete’ and raise money for St Peter’s Hospice this September!

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