24-hour advice line


The Hospice is ready, willing and able to offer experienced palliative care advice by telephone 24 hours a day. This advice line can be accessed by our healthcare professional colleagues in the community regardless of whether or not the patient they wish to discuss is known to St Peter's Hospice. Patients known to the hospice or their carers may also call for advice. The advice needed may be medical, nursing or about general palliative care issues.

We also have an agreement with North Bristol Trust to offer telephone advice for their inpatients, provided the staff have followed the agreed protocol of consulting a senior hospital doctor first.


Calls for medical advice are always taken by a senior doctor ie a specialist registrar, consultant or the medical director. We make a record of all calls including general or nursing queries. When the query is about an existing patient we update patients’ records accordingly.

The queries dealt with by nursing staff are reviewed by senior members of the medical team at least twice a week, and within the medical team we have a system of peer review for the advice given.

We can fax, email or text complex advice if required. Responsibility remains with the clinician assessing the patient and detailed prescribing advice will only be given directly to the prescriber.