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Local Lotto Results 15.09.17

Another Friday Local Lotto draw and we are delighted to announce this week’s winner was Julie Teakel from BS11 with the number 104505. A long term supporter of the hospice, we are so pleased that the cheque is off to a good home!

This ticket was purchased in our Shirehampton shop, again highlighting that by popping into one our shops and picking up a ticket, you could end up £1,000 better off.

The other winning numbers, all taking home £10 were 32464, 31849, 10962, 82413, 37933, 49407, 74872, 56123, 117503 and 107514.

The roll over is getting very close to its maximum now with another week of it not being won.  It will now stand at £4,350! Wow!

Local Lotto Results 08.09.17

This week’s Local Lotto draw saw Katy Pullin from BS16 our lucky £1,000 winner.  Her number, 30271, was first out and scooping the 1st prize.  She was delighted to have won having apparently never won anything in her life!  She is so excited and feels a nice weekend away may be on the cards….congratulations!


Our lucky winners of £10 were numbers 2066, 46426, 43850, 35670, 44727, 88494, 94054, 103004, 109013 and 126516.


We again see the roll over grow with the prize not being won.  Next week it stands at the grand total of £4,200!!  That really is a sum worth winning! Make sure you are in the draw next week to be in with chance of scooping that massive prize.

Local Lotto results 01.09.17

Fridays draw has seen another winner of £1,000

Ms F,  with the number 77144, is the lucky supporter this week.

The ten prizes of £10 were won this week by the numbers 39228, 49975, 115022, 123007, 50757, 45492, 112004, 120534, 51130 and 120081.

The rollover was again not won and now stands at £4,050!


Local Lotto results 18.08.17

Fridays draw has seen another winner of £1,000.  Mr G from BS41 with the number 39749 is the lucky supporter this week.

The ten prizes of £10 were won this week by the numbers: 13735, 85875, 66513, 4373, 4850, 73972, 65968, 56123, 59024 and 116507.

The roll over was again not won and now stands at £3,750!!!

Local Lotto results 11.08.17

With the Balloon Fiesta taking centre stage this weekend we were delighted to send one of our Local Lotto members onto cloud 9 today.  Wendy Saunders, with the number 36035, takes home the cheque for £1,000 just before a well earned holiday.  What perfect timing!

The other winners, all scooping one of our £10 cheques were as follows: 6271, 68743, 50460, 31925, 91447, 10483, 84780, 104005, 118502 and 120073.

The roll over is now standing at an impressive £3,600 after once again not being won.  Just imagine receiving that phone call to tell you that you are the lucky winner of that prize….you need to be in it to win it though.  Pop into a St Peter’s Hospice shop and pick up a ticket or sign up here:  https://www.stpetershospice.org.uk/support-us/local-lotto/sign-up/

Local Lotto results 04.08.17

The August rain has today subsided for a Mr W from BS7 today as he was the lucky winner of £1,000.  His number, 44609, was first out of the hat in todays local lotto draw.

Our other winning numbers all receiving a cheque for £10 were: 43505, 74694, 38319, 73865, 89598, 26686, 76376, 64147, 41612 and 119537.

Now, the roll over prize is getting serious!  Once again it was not won and now stands at a whopping £3,450!!  Get yourslef in the draw for next week and be in with a chance of winning that fantastic prize.


Local Lotto results 28.07.17

This week’s lucky winner of £1,000 was a Mrs R from BS1.  Along standing player and we are delighted that she is a winner.  Her lucky number was 76200.

Our £10 prizes were won by the following numbers: 56038, 25574, 61246, 88453, 74123, 14013, 19108, 81089, 34137 and 105520.

The roll over was again not won and is starting to get serious!  Next weeks prize stands at £3,400….Get your tickets now to be in with a chance of scooping that prize!

Local Lotto Results 21.07.17

Another £1,000 prize has been won by a St Peter’s Hospice supporter in this weeks Local Lotto draw.  Steve Nurse from BS14 was our winner today with a ticket he bought from the Whitchurch shop.  His lucky number was 117526.

The other lucky supporters all winning £10 this week had the numbers : 49281, 2335, 28011, 5362, 13302, 22422, 75311, 48682, 59755 and a ticket from our Winterbourne shop, 121026.

Congratulations to all of our winner.

The roll over continues to grow after going another week without being won.  It now stands at a handsome £3,250.

Local Lotto 07.07.17

Hello 🙂

The weekend is here which means another Lotto has been successfully drawn

1st Prize was won by Mr Rocker with lucky number 85288

Rollover of £2800 was not won which makes next weeks roll over £2950! Get to one of our shops and pick up your £1 ticket 🙂

3rd prize of £10 was won by: 51710, 83524, 41581, 61422, 45678, 33878, 16819, 79976, 69771 and single ticket 102014

Have a lovely weekend



Local Lotto 30.06.17

Hello and welcome to another Local Lotto, raising vital funds for our hospice in Bristol 🙂

I am pleased to announce this weeks winner of first prize £1000 to Mrs Helen Cooper from Henleaze. Mrs Cooper has been a volunteer for St peters for many years so it was with great excitement I called her to tell her the news.

The roll over was not won which makes next weeks roll over £2950

3rd prize of £10 was won by: 63322, 28905, 60612, 20154, 76634, 28893, 77396, 12625 and two single tickets purchased from our Stoke Lane shop with 117013 and 124508 purchased from Westbury Hill


Congratulations to those of you who won and fingers crossed to those of you who did not win for next week 🙂

Have a lovely weekend



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