Why work with us?

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As Bristol's only adult Hospice, we rely on the support of the Bristol business community to ensure we can continue proving the best possible care to individuals and families living with life-limiting illnesses. Meaningful charity partnerships can motivate and empower employees by making a real impact to the community they live and work in.

If you choose to support St Peter’s Hospice with your fundraising  you can be assured that you will be helping thousands of individuals and their families to have the best end of life care possible. We deliver this care at our Hospice in Brentry, as well as  in the community in peoples own homes and other settings. Our dedicated care team ensure that individuals are able to make the most of the time they have left; helping patients to feel more in control of their illness and to have a peaceful and dignified death.

We have a strong and professional reputation in Bristol and a partnership with us will help to promote you as a philanthropic business which has situated yourself positively within the community in which you operate. The nature of our work means that we are likely to have helped some of your employees, directly or indirectly, and therefore we find businesses who choose to support us gain a great level of engagement from their teams.

We hope the following information will give you a better understanding and insight into the different ways that your business can get involved with St Peter’s Hospice. If you would like to speak to us or ask specific questions please do get in touch for a chat by emailing or calling 01275 391400.

Charity of the Year and Ad Hoc Fundraising

Most partnerships work best when they are for at least a year so that both parties can benefit by getting to know each other, and by getting to know desired outcomes. We are also adept at working with people for shorted periods of time or for one –off events. 

We are a dedicated team who will be on hand to advice and support you throughout our relationship, however long that may be. We have a jam-packed calendar of events and challenges which your team can get involved with by taking part, volunteering or sponsorship. As a local charity we are able to offer volunteering opportunities to businesses who support us, in our gardens, shops, warehouse and at our events. For more information please see our volunteer section here.

We are happy to come and talk to your team about our work, and would also be very happy to send information in the form of a proposal if preferred. Please do get in touch to arrange this on

Charity of the year