Patient Care Profiles


Healthcare Assistant, Inpatient Unit

Before I came to work at the Hospice I worked in care homes and nursing homes with people suffering from dementia. My role at the Hospice involves caring for patients and  their  relatives and  supporting other members of a multidisciplinary  team.  I feel it is a privilege to care for people at the end of their lives.

There can be quite a lot of laughter and fun at the Hospice which surprises many people. It is all about living life to the full rather than dying.


Staff nurse, Inpatient Unit

I decided that I’d like to work at the Hospice after bringing my Grandad here for end of life care. I was overwhelmed with the great care and treatment both he and my family received during such a difficult time.

Each day can be different, but my main role is to care for and support patients and their families. I like working at the Hospice because I feel I can carry out good nursing care. I feel proud to be a part of a great team here, from nurses to receptionists to cleaners. 


Registered Nurse, Hospice at Home

I coordinate our Hospice at Home staff and support them when they are in patients’ homes. My role also involves liaising with families, with district nurses and with our own community nurse specialists.Furthermore I visit patients at home to asses their care needs and work alongside the HCA staff.

I work in an amazingly strong team. It’s a real privilege to work with our Healthcare Assistants who are with patients in the community all the time.

I absolutely love my job. It’s incredibly rewarding to feel that we’re making a difference to patients’ lives in their last few weeks and days.


Senior Healthcare Assistant, Hospice at Home

I’ve worked with the Hospice for five years and had lots of opportunities to develop my skills. I’ve undertaken end of life care training and recently done a QCF which means that I can take on more responsibility, such as being able to administer drugs. I also go to monthly talks at the Hospice on different diseases which have given me a better understanding of conditions such as MND and Dementia.

I love the whole community of working for Hospice at Home – it’s like a family. There is never a day when I don’t want to come to work.


Healthcare Assistant, Hospice at Home

I help patients and families in their homes by providing symptom control and emotional support. We also provide respite to carers so that they can go out or get some rest.

We’ve got a fantastic team and the Hospice is very supportive to its staff. I’m currently undertaking training in End of Life Care which is helping to develop my skills and will mean that I can take on more responsibility in patients’ homes.

I get a lot of satisfaction from knowing that I’m helping patients in their last days and from knowing that I’m supporting families at a very difficult time.