Judith died peacefully at St Peter's Hospice on Friday 25 January 2019. She was as beautiful, courageous and smiling throughout the last few weeks, as she was throughout her life, and surrounded by friends and family. Read more »

Currently Raised:

We would like to thank St Peter's Hospice for the extraordinary, rare and unique service it provides. The staff at St Peter's have boundless compassion and humour. They provided a sanctuary for Judith over the 5 weeks that she spent there until her death, a tranquil and warm space where she could be safe, cared for and loved by her family and friends, where she could laugh, listen to classical music, read and rest. There are not enough places like this, and we feel tremendously fortunate that Judith was able to die in such a special environment with expert doctors, nurses and carers who understand the art of dying well.

Please join us in giving generously to remember Judith and to thank St Peter's for everything they did for her, so that the vital work they do can continue.