Frequently Asked Questions

What is Madmess My Way?

As we can’t come together this year to get messy at Madmess, we’re bringing the fun to you so you can still enjoy a fun run packed full of colour to raise vital funds for the Hospice!

The challenge is to complete 1km, 5km or more any way that you choose – you can run, scoot, cycle, walk, skip, dance – and make it as colourful as you can. Celebrate at the finishline with a personal paint party or use the paint to decorate your t-shirt with colour.

What is the minimum age?

This challenge is open to all ages! All we ask is that all under 16’s are accompanied by an adult while undertaking the challenge and using the paint.

What distance should I complete?

We challenge you to complete either 5km or a Kid’s Kilometre challenge of 1km – though it’s really up to you, and you can set your own distance and target if you want to. You could also set up an obstacle course in your garden to complete, or do a certain number of laps up and down your drive or round the local park.

Do I have to run?

This is your challenge to complete your way, so you could walk, jog, run, dance, scoot, skip or whatever you and your team like! 

Can I do it with my friends?

You can take on the challenge solo, with your family, household, friends or whoever you please! Please follow all social distancing guidelines, and only meet up with the number of people currently allowed by your local government and at a safe distance each other. Even if you can’t do it together, you could arrange to complete the challenge at the same time as friends or family and cheer each other on over facetime instead and throw the paint at the same time! 

When do I need to complete it?

You can complete the challenge whenever suits you best within July and August, though if you want to do it at a different time of year that’s absolutely fine too!

What’s the closing date for entries?

Online entries will close at the end of August.

What’s in the event pack?

Everything you need for a colourful fun run! There’s a St Peter’s Hospice white t-shirt, a pack of bright powder paint, some tips and safety guidance, and a sign to write your motivation for taking part and pin on your back while you complete the challenge. We’ll send this to you after you sign up so you’re ready to go at a time that suits you.

What should I wear?

You will get a white St Peter’s t shirt to wear for the challenge and make colourful. We recommend you wear something you don’t mind getting a bit messy on the bottom like shorts or leggings. The brighter and more colourful the better. Please wear suitable footwear such as trainers that you also don’t mind getting a little stained.

And of course fancy dress is always encouraged! 

What size are the children’s t-shirts?

The children’s small is for ages 5-6 (height 116cm), the children’s medium is ages 7-8 (height 128cm) and the children’s large is ages 9-11 (height 140cm).

What do I do after I’ve completed it?

After you’ve completed the challenge, make sure to snap a colourful photo and share it on social media – we’d love to see it! Send us a photo from your colourful finishline or a screenshot from a tracking app like Strava to show you’ve completed it. We’ll send medals to everyone who has completed the challenge at the end of the summer, along with a huge thank you.

Will the paint wash away?

The powder paint is environmentally friendly and easy to clean as it can be swept away and rinsed off with water. It’s best to throw the paint over grass rather than patio which could take a little longer to clean off. It can stain clothes, especially light colours, and may leave a mark on some surfaces for a little longer than others, but does wash out of hair. 

Is the paint safe to use with children?

Yes, the powder paint is safe, non-toxic and uses natural ingredients including food colouring and corn starch. Although it won’t taste good, it is not harmful to ingest or breathe in. It can cause irritation if it gets in eyes so we recommend wearing goggles or glasses and keeping water close by to help wash it out just in case. All children must be supervised around the paint. You can see the safety document from Ministry of Colours here.

I don’t want to throw the paint in my garden, what can I do instead?

You don’t have to throw the paint to get colourful, you could instead decorate your t-shirt with it before you complete the challenge, or rub the powder into your hair or beard instead. Mix the powder paint with water and use it to draw all over your t-shirt or make handprints on it. Or, use it as body paint and draw patterns on your arms and stripes across your cheeks. It’s really up to you! 

If you’d rather not use the paint at all, wear bright and colourful clothes or accessories instead, paint your nails all the colours of the rainbow or tie colourful ribbons to your bike! 

Is there a minimum fundraising amount to raise?

We have not set a minimum sponsorship amount that you need to raise, but we would encourage everybody to raise as much as possible, because every penny counts. Add your target to your JustGiving page so your friends and family can help you hit it. We have lots of ideas and resources to help your fundraising too!

What does the entry fee cover?

Entry fee for all ages is £5, which covers the cost of your white St Peter’s Hospice t-shirt, pack of paint, memory tag, medal and postage costs too. Your entry fee covers our event costs so that everything you raise and donate on top can go toward our patient care and family support.

How will the money I raise be used?

St Peters Hospice is Bristol’s only adult hospice and are there to support patients and families across the Greater Bristol area from Chew Valley to Keynsham, Fishponds to Portishead, and all our services are free of charge. Every £27.50 you raise pays for an hour of a nurse’s time to provide care, advice, support and guidance to patients and families so they can enjoy the time they have left together. 

How can I get the money I’ve raised to you?

You can pay it straight into our bank account through our bank details, or by donating directly through our website. You can also send us a cheque to the Long Ashton office, but at this time we ask you not to drop any kind donations into the office in person just yet. Please could you pay in your sponsorship money by the end of August if possible.

How do I set up a JustGiving page?

A JustGiving page is a great way to spread the message about what you’re doing and collect sponsorship from all of your friends, family and colleagues! You can set up a JustGiving page here, personalise it and add a target, photo and your story for taking part and fundraising. You can also link pages together to make a team, and add your Strava to your page so that your supporters can see your training and completed challenge.

All donations on your JustGiving page will come to us automatically so you don’t need to do anything further at all. 

If you have any further questions, you can get in touch with Hayley, our Events Fundraiser, on or 01275 391428. Good luck with your colourful challenge!