Corporate Partnerships

Ways to Work With Us

Charity of the Year Partnerships or Staff Fundraising

Does your company nominate a Charity of the Year? If so we would love to hear from you! We run a calendar of events that your staff can get involved with, and we will work with you to produce a tailored plan for the next year to meet your needs and objectives. However you choose your charities, please let us know - we can chat over the phone, produce a written proposal or come and present in person. Alternatively, if your company doesn't formally choose a charity each year then why not arrange some staff fundraising or join in one of our events? We can provide corporate fundraising packs, materials and PR to support your activities.

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Cause-Related Marketing

Cause-related marketing (CRM) is an agreement between a business and a charity to raise money for a particular cause through marketing a specific product or service. It's a mutually beneficial relationship. The charity benefits both financially and through raised profile, while the business can quantify their committment to the charity and the community through their support, as well as subsequently increase their sales.

So if you are looking at rebranding, relaunching a product or service, increasing sales or launching a new product please do speak to us about how we can support each other. With our eBay site we are also able to help you reach a worldwide audience.

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We are one of the most established and respected charities in Bristol and we can help raise your brand awareness through the sponsorship of one of our events, publications or products while also demonstrating your organisation's committment to supporting the local community.

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We have a range of volunteering opportunities at our Hospice and in our shops. We also need teams to help us promote our events or take part in collections.

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Payroll Giving

Giving directly from your pay is tax efficient and your regular support in providing a reliable income is invaluable to the Hospice. Anyone can give if their pay or pension is taxed through PAYE and the employer offers a Payroll Giving Scheme. The increase in value is even greater if you pay higher rate tax.

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Donations/Gifts in Kind

Whether it's through the use of your meeting rooms, giving professional advice or donating unwanted IT equipment, these are all valuable donations to us. If you have a resource that you think could be useful for us and you would be willing to donate then we would love to hear from you.

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Nominate us as a Beneficiary for an Industry Dinner

We are delighted when professional organisations and networks choose us to be the beneficiary of a dinner or an award ceremony that they are hosting. For you it's a fantastic way to demonstrate your commitment to your local charity to all your members, suppliers, customers and clients. For us it's a perfect opportunity to reach a whole new audience, which is always beneficial to us. 

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