The Bristol Cookbook

St Peter's Hospice is turning 40 in 2018!

To celebrate the Hospice’s 40th anniversary next year, we are creating a cookbook filled with recipes and history to commemorate this special milestone.

The full colour, coffee table quality book will be available from autumn 2018 and will raise vital funds for Bristol’s only adult hospice.

We’d love for staff, volunteers and supporters of St Peter’s Hospice to submit an original recipe for publication. If it’s chosen, you’ll be invited to come along to a photoshoot in the new year to have your dish professionally photographed for inclusion in the book.

Do you have a great family recipe to share with us?

Please download and complete the form below, including your original recipe, and submit by email to by 15 January 2017. Alternatively, complete and submit the electronic form below.

You will be notified if your recipe has been chosen for inclusion in the book and will be provided with further information at that time. Please complete the form fully to ensure it can be considered for inclusion in the cookbook, as all sections are important and cannot be left blank.

Download a Cookbook Recipe Submission Form

Cookbook Recipe Submission Form
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The contact details you have provided above will only be used for St Peter's Hospice to contact you regarding your recipe submission. If your recipe is chosen to be included we will call or email to discuss details of having your dish photographed in January 2018. The recipe you have submitted should be an original recipe, not found in any other publications. By ticking this box you agree that you have submitted an "original" "family" recipe, that you are happy for St Peter's Hospice to publish it in the cookbook, and you are happy for St Peter's Hospice to contact you regarding your recipe submission.