Bristol Pride

St Peter's Hospice logo in Pride coloursWe were very excited to take part in the Bristol Pride Festival for the first time in 2019!

We showed our support for Bristol’s LGBT+ community and celebrated Bristol Pride in our shops and via social media. We joined the Pride Parade and run a stall at the Pride Festival. We are committed to supporting the people of the wider Bristol area and hope to reach more of the LGBT+ community, ensuring all local people know we are their Hospice.

Chris Benson, Director of Patient Care, and a member of the LGBT community, was appointed as Chair of the Pride working group at the Hospice. Chris worked alongside some of our own staff and volunteers to represent the Hospice at this vibrant festival.

"The day is a celebration of our community, so should be great fun, a real opportunity to demonstrate we are here to support everyone in our community, and hopefully a chance to engage with future employees and volunteers."

Pride is the chance for all LGBT+ people, their friends, families and allies to stand up and declare they are proud of who they are and their loved ones. You can find out more on the Bristol Pride website

Sponsor support

We were thrilled to have the support of Canada Life, our headline sponsor for Bristol Pride, who also be took part in the celebrations. 

"Canada Life is proud of its diversity where all of our employees play an active role in maintaining our inclusive culture. We are therefore delighted to be supporting St Peter’s Hospice to be at the Bristol Pride Festival 2019. This is the first time Canada Life is directly involved with Pride and we will be working very closely with St Peter’s Hospice to ensure that this year’s event is even more fun for our LGBT and allies community." Jeni Thakrar, UK Diversity and Inclusion Manager, Canada Life UK

Canada Life and One CL logos