Inpatient Unit

On the Inpatient Unit our team of skilled nurses and our consultant-led team of doctors work together to provide specialist, intensive symptom control for patients.

They also involve all the other members of the wider Hospice team in delivering the total care we offer to patients, family members and carers. Admission requests from our Community Nurse Specialists, GPs or hospital colleagues are discussed every morning at a meeting on the Inpatient Unit, and planned based on the urgency and complexity of patients’ needs. This means that some patients may wait for a few days before a bed is available – even though we admit every day. We also respond to urgent requests out-of-hours, and regularly admit patients during weekends and bank holidays when this is clearly appropriate and we have a bed available.

The Inpatient Unit has 15 single rooms. Our clinical teams work together to provide palliative care and support for patients who need more intensive help. On average, patients stay with us in the IPU for around two weeks. Some people will return home after admission, while others may be discharged to a nursing home for longer term care if they are not able to return home. Other people are very ill and spend the last stage of their life in the Hospice.

The team meet each morning to discuss admission requests from our Community Nurse Specialists, GPs and hospital colleagues. We plan admissions based on the urgency and complexity of patients’ needs, rather than on how long someone has been on the waiting list. This means you may have to wait for a few days until a bed is available.

Take a Tour

Our Inpatient Unit was rebuilt in 2018. You can take a tour of this wonderful facility below:


We encourage visiting to be between 11am and 8pm but we are happy to discuss visiting outside of these hours if needed. If you would like your relative to stay with you overnight, please talk to a nurse or other member of staff. Children are very welcome to visit, but we ask that they are

supervised at all times, and that all visitors are respectful of all other patients and visitors within the unit. Your pet can also come and visit you if it is well behaved.


Parking is available in the Hospice car park free of charge. If the car park is full there is on-street parking available on the neighbouring roads. There are also dedicated disabled parking spaces available.

What to bring

If you are admitted to the Inpatient Unit you will need to bring all your current medicines with you. You will also need to bring in your own toiletries, clothing and nightwear. We are not able to provide a laundry service for your own clothing; you will need to ask a family member or friend to do this. Your personal property remains your responsibility. If you have valuable items or excess cash we suggest you do not bring them in, or ask family members to take them home for safekeeping.