Inpatient Unit

Please note: the Inpatient Unit (IPU) has been temporarily relocated to the St Monica Trust site at The Chocolate Quarter development in Keynsham from October 2017 to approximately October 2018. This is while we redevelop the IPU at Brentry to improve facilities for patients and their families. 

On the Inpatient Unit our team of skilled nurses and our consultant-led team of doctors work together to provide specialist, intensive symptom control for patients.

They also involve all the other members of the wider Hospice team in delivering the total care we offer to patients, family members and carers. Admission requests from our Community Nurse Specialists, GPs or hospital colleagues are discussed every morning at a meeting on the Inpatient Unit, and planned based on the urgency and complexity of patients’ needs. This means that some patients may wait for a few days before a bed is available – even though we admit every day. We also respond to urgent requests out-of-hours, and regularly admit patients during weekends and bank holidays when this is clearly appropriate and we have a bed available.

The privacy and dignity of our patients is very important to us. There are six single rooms and six double rooms. Wherever possible we endeavour to meet patient privacy needs but it is not always possible to ensure a single room is available. With the present arrangement of beds we do have to consider each individual priority. It is possible to arrange for any patient who wishes to, to have private conversations when they are sharing a room.

Each bed has a television, DVD and CD player (with no cost for use). Wireless internet access is available.

Any patient admitted will be asked to bring all the medicines they are taking. This will help the doctors and nurses to review your problems and make any adjustments.

If patients wish they may bring in their own bedding or comfortable pillows, although we always have plenty. Patients can choose to have either blankets or a duvet for their comfort.

There are beautiful gardens to enjoy and even if the patients have to remain in bed we can push the beds outside. For those patients who like to get dressed during the day please ensure you have a coat and suitable footwear to go outside at all times of the year. This wonderful facility is enjoyed by patients, visitors, staff and volunteers together.


When patients arrive by ambulance they enter directly onto the Inpatient Unit. All other entries are via the main entrance which is open from 8am to 8pm. There is no restriction to visiting but we would ask that visitors arrive between 11am and 8pm and the team are very pleased to discuss visiting at other times.

Children are very welcome and we have a small range of toys, colouring and games; however please could children be supervised at all times for their safety.

Pets can also visit and we would ask that they are kept well under control.

Smoking at Brentry

For those patients that smoke we have a designated area outside of the unit. Patients can use this facility but for those who are not independently mobile we would ask their friends and family to take them out. We understand this can be stressful, especially as patients cannot go outside once the building has been alarmed at night. To help any patient with this we have patches and inhalators available. For all others the Hospice is a non-smoking facility and we thank you for your cooperation.