Community Nurse Specialist Team 

Community and hospital health care professionals refer patients to the Hospice and most are seen by a Community Nurse Specialist (CNS).

Community Nurse Specialists

  • CNSs are experienced palliative care nurses who are part of the Hospice multidisciplinary team and work in partnership with GPs, district nurses and hospital professionals. The CNS team is based in four offices in the community which are each linked to GP practices. The CNSs visit patients and families at home or in their usual place of residence.
  • They provide ongoing advice and support as a combination of visits and phone calls which often includes the family. They will refer people to other Hospice services to enhance their care and will offer families bereavement support as appropriate.
  • The nurse specialists help manage problems and concerns that are important to people which may be physical, psychological and spiritual in nature. They aim to improve quality of life, and to help people cope with the impact of illness and treatment.
  • All support and advice offered is with the consent of the patient or their advocate and in agreement with the usual GP and district nursing teams. There is an emphasis on a coordinated approach between Hospice, hospital and community services to promote seamless support for patients and families.

More information

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