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Grand Christmas Raffle winner lands £5,000

The St Peter’s Hospice Grand Christmas Raffle draw took place on Wednesday 20 December, with one lucky supporter claiming the top prize of £5,000

Mrs Helene Webb, of Sea Mills, held the lucky ticket.

A long-term supporter and raffle player, Mrs Webb is going to use the winnings to treat her children, with some reserved for the birth of her first grandchild, due in February!

Other prizes won included spa and lunch at the Clifton Lido, a Morgan car for the weekend, Champagne Afternoon Tea at The Ivy, Clifton and a family pass for Bristol Zoo Gardens.

The full list of winning tickets is as follows: 218759, 284533, 175001, 274149, 24820, 212228, 118099, 242951, 27743 and 2225.

Many thanks to all who played. For more chances to win while supporting St Peter’s Hospice, our weekly Local Lotto gives away £1.000 every week as well as prizes of £10. To sign up visit stpetershospice.org.uk/support-us/local-lotto.


Local Lotto Results 01.12.17

With the festive season well and truly here, we’re pleased to announce the newest winners of our Local Lotto Draw:

Mr C is our lucky £1,000 winner. His number drawn was 3080!

The other numbers drawn, all winning £10, were: 27459, 80060, 72846, 32539, 19286, 32735, 65436, 45999, 41922 and finally… (drum roll please) 67775.

Hearty congratulations to all of our lucky winners – perhaps next month it could be you…

The rollover prize, having been left unwon this week, stacks up to a tinsel-wrapped £900!

Get in it to win it!

Local Lotto Results 24.11.17

With the festive period right around the corner, another winner of our Local Lotto draw has been made

Mrs L is our lucky £1,000 winner. Her number drawn was 120006.

The other numbers drawn, all winning £10, were: 82701, 92192, 8788, 49271, 25793, 22525, 33270, 744, 68041 and 18448.

Congratulations to all of our winners.

The rollover was not won and now stands at £750.00.

For more information on the Local Lotto click here.


Local Lotto Results 10.11.17

Another winner of our Local Lotto draw has been made today with a Mr S from BS5 being our lucky £1,000 winner.  His number drawn was 29191.

Our other winners all winning £10 were: 78412, 37463, 76318, 57031, 88587, 26145, 80126, 5533, 11422 and 9491.

Congratulations to all of our winners.

The roll-over was not won and now stands at £450.

Local Lotto Results 03.11.17

After the excitement of the big roll over of last week, we are back to normality with a top prize of £1,000.

This week’s winner was Mr B from BS10 with the number 32793.  Our other lucky winners of £10 had the following numbers; 50928, 43791, 38843, 9059, 30669, 96194, 29867, 25493, 41393 and 41907.

The roll over prize was not won and now stands at £300 for next week.

Local Lotto Results 27.10.17

It has been a big day at Local Lotto HQ as our roll over hit its maximum amount of £5,100.  This does not happen often so it created a buzz amongst the team.

The draw took place and we were delighted to see the winning number 45785 come out first, a number belonging to Mr T from BS35.  A player since the very beginning of Local Lotto, this is the first big win for him…congratulations.

We mustn’t forget that we also had a winner of the not insignificant sum of £1,000.  This went to a Mrs H, also from BS35.  Her luck number was 20252.

Our other winners on a very busy day at Local Lotto HQ, all receiving a cheque for £10 were: 43101, 53115, 46788, 32049, 82200, 12094, 95407, 73018, 85572 and 106522.

Congratulations to all our winners.  Don’t forget, to be in with a chance of scooping another prize of £5,000, pop into one of our shops and pick up a Christmas Raffle ticket.

Local Lotto Results 20.10.17

We are delighted to be giving away £1,000 to this week’s Local Lotto winner, Mr G from BS20.  A long time player, this is his first big win and we are delighted that his number 63913 was first out today.

Our other lucky winner taking home a cheque for £10 were the following numbers:  36279, 50057, 60837, 35165, 3133, 31842, 72833, 71520, 77512 and 107025.  Congratulations to all our winners

The biggest news however is that our roll over was again not won and now stands at its maximum amount of £5,000.  Next week one of our lucky lotto players will be taking home this amount.  You can make sure you are in the draw by popping into your local St Peters Hospice shop and buying a ticket or signing up with a credit card payment here: https://www.stpetershospice.org.uk/support-us/local-lotto/sign-up/

You could be next week’s lucky winner of £5,000!

Local Lotto Results 13.10.17

Friday the 13th has proven lucky for Mr Farrell from Brentry who scoops our top prize of £1,000 this week.  His number, and the lucky number was 84387.  Congratulations to him.

Our other lucky numbers, all winning £10 were as follows: 47689, 6168, 72233, 64198, 45696, 92388, 42972, 100033, 119002 and 110003.

The roll over continues to grow as again it was not won.  It now stands at £4,950…. If it is not won next week it will reach its maximum and the following week will see a guaranteed winner!

Local Lotto Results 06.10.17

We are delighted to announce that this week’s winner was a Mr F from BS37. A long term Local Lotto supporter, we are delighted that his number 74776 was first out of the hat. Congratulations

The other winners, all taking home £10 had the numbers 8740, 31705, 69467, 85224, 3927, 11898, 73608, 25376, 98476 and 121016.

We also now see the roll over climb to an amazing £4,800 after another week without a winner. As always, get into one of our shops to pick up your ticket or sign up online. Winning that kind of money would be incredible!

Local Lotto Results 29.09.17

We are delighted to be handing out another £1,000 winner’s cheque this week to Local Lotto member Mrs D from BS13.  Her number 27688 was first out of the pot this week…congratulations.

Also winning £10 this week were 36541, 32626, 42083, 61560, 37396, 58440, 22625, 107020, 106004 and 120021.  Thank you all for supporting.

Again I can report the rollover was not won and will now stand at £4,650!  Will it go next week?

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