Lotto results 21st February 2020

Here are the Lotto results for the 21st February 2020.

Congratulations to our first prize winner of £1000 – Mrs D of BS16 on ticket No 19486.

The Rollover has still not been won and will rise to £2550 next week!

Congratulations also to our 10 runners up, who have each won £10, on the following play numbers: 27041, 13601, 31272, 33617, 27366, 3659, 61949, 77243, 65817, 10367.  

If you are a winner there is no need to claim your prize, as long as we have your up to date contact details, we will automatically send your cheque to you. So if you move or change your phone number please remember to let us know.  

Many thanks to all players and single ticket holders who continue to support St Peters Hospice. Your support and contribution is immensely appreciated.


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