Aylwyn collects his Gold Star Award

Aylwyn receives his award
One of St Peter’s Hospice most dedicated volunteers has collected his Bristol Gold Star Award for his service to the charity.

Aylwyn Powell is a volunteer driver and stalwart supporter of St Peter’s Hospice. Last night, Aylwyn attended the Bristol Post’s ceremony to accept his award. Here at the Hospice, we’d like to say well done to Aylwyn and thank you for your years of service.

Aylwyn receives his award

Alwyn will have volunteered for St Peter’s Hospice for six years this September. He first started helping out at the hospice after they cared for his wife.

“The staff were incredible,” said Aylwyn.  “Those four days were the best she had for months. It was then I was determined that everyone should be treated that way.”

Aylwyn is incredibly humble about the work he does and puts the emphasis on the team effort.

“The whole atmosphere in there is unbelievable. It calms you down when you walk in the door… It is like magic!”

“Bristol should be proud of the people who are volunteering there… We wouldn’t be able to do it without them all.”

“It is an honour to be picked to get the award.”

Aylwyn Powell

Marc Willetts is the hospice volunteer manager at St Peter’s Hospice and works closely with Aylwyn on a daily basis.

“Aylwyn is always prepared to go the extra mile,” says Marc. “His cheery positive disposition makes him a well-loved driver by patients, families and staff. We believe him to be of special note and recognition.”

The Bristol Post Gold Star Awards have been running for 24 years and celebrate ordinary local people who have done extraordinary things. They are the longest-running awards of their kind in the South West.

To read more about Aylwyn and the awards click here.


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