Caroline Quentin Announces Appeal Success

Actress Caroline Quentin joined us at our brand new 21st century state of the art Inpatient Unit in Brentry today in her role as Room to Care Appeal Patron. Caroline announced the success of our Room to Care Appeal in raising the £2.53 million needed to build the Inpatient Unit, with individuals, businesses and organisations across the city supporting the appeal.

Caroline said, “When we first started on this journey, it seemed like a really big ask and we knew we were doing something really important for Bristol. We asked the people of Bristol to step up and they have done that in the most extraordinary way.”

“It’s very hard to describe what an exceptional piece of work this is. I want to say a special thank you to the staff, the nurses, the doctors, the consultants and the patients who I come to see and spend my time with for being here today.”

“And thank you for all the help from your wonderful local newspapers, and the great support from communities and businesses.”

“And I want to say welcome home!”

She was joined by nurses, patients and relatives, alongside Chief Executive Simon Caraffi and Director of Patient Care Chris Benson to make the announcement.

The new Inpatient Unit allows us to provide local people with the very best palliative care to the highest professional standards within an environment of care, comfort, compassion and respect for the next 20 years.

Find out more about our new Inpatient Unit here

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