The smart way to low-cost gym wear

Our guest blogger, Jenny Hall, perfects her gym style with a visit to our City Centre shop.

Six weeks ago, I broke my foot. It wasn’t a dramatic accident or a hefty fall, just a quick trip down the stairs at 11pm for a glass of water, a little slip down the last two steps, and BAM! A few hours in A&E later and I’m in plaster up to my knee with a broken fifth metatarsal.

As a usually very active person, the thing I’ve been finding most difficult about being down to just the one functioning foot is the lack of exercise. I walk to work, I go spinning, I practice yoga, all in the name of physical and mental good health and a general preservation of my sanity. Having been largely resting for over a month now I’m just itching to get moving again and get the feel-good factor back in my life.

This week I graduated from a cumbersome orthopaedic boot back into my own sturdy shoes, and gained a little bit of freedom now that my pesky bone is mostly healed. Not wanting to be beaten, what was the first thing I did? I headed out to the gym. Emboldened by improved mobility and some much-missed Serotonin bouncing around my brain, I decided to walk the whole way there. My route took me past the St Peter’s Hospice City Centre shop near Broadmead so I ducked in to see if anything took my fancy. I couldn’t have had a more productive trip!

After being briefly distracted by a pristine Whistles dress and a Monsoon Fusion top (which was just too damn small), I managed to bag myself a whole haul of sportswear to buoy me along in my return to fitness for just short of £20. I found a very girly, dusky pink hoodie reduced to just £2.99 which is already my new go-to when I want to be comfy, but still maintain a bit of feminine style. Tucked away in one of the racks I uncovered a couple of USA pro tops with built in sports bras which seem barely worn.  My biggest find of the day, though, was a really unusual Bench sweatshirt for a bargain price of £6.99, a fraction of what it would cost to buy new, and again I’m pretty sure it’s virtually unworn.


Feeling smug and so very satisfied, I continued on my way to the gym to flex my forgotten muscles, only to get there and realise that I’d overdone it for one day – the walk to get there had utterly done me in. Oh well, at least on the next attempt I’ll be looking the part!


The St Peter’s Hospice Shops Blog is written by Jenny Hall. Jenny, who has lived in Bristol for 12 years, has a love of fashion, vintage clothing and costume. Earlier this year, Jenny won our Bristol Strictly Come Dancing 2016 competition with her dance partner, Cameron Milne

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