Donate now and help us employ one more Community Nurse Specialist

Help us employ one more Community Nurse Specialist

Why? Because a CNS allows people to die in their own home, where they are in charge and have control over what happens to them, which can be powerfully reassuring.

Why? Because the population of older people is growing and people are living longer. Their carers could be older and frailer and so the need for more respite care is growing.

Why? Because costs of medical care are going up, yet at the same time there are a greater number of groups in our community who need our help.  Our aim is to have 7 day coverage by our CNS team within a year.

Read a message from our Community Nursing Teams: CNS message


Allow patients like Chris to confront his fears

After being suddenly diagnosed with terminal prostate cancer, Chris and his wife Sarah felt terribly frightened.

Chris clammed up and refused to face the future.

Our Community Nurse Specialist helped him open up and talk. She supported both of them and helped them face the future. Sarah felt a huge weight lift from her shoulders, knowing their CNS was there to talk to Chris and manage his pain. They faced the future together.

Read more about Chris & Sarah’s story here: Chris’ message


“She’s like a good friend, but with medical knowledge.”

For every patient a CNS sees, they have one single goal – to give their patient the chance to live life to the fullest, every day they can.

They are all highly trained professionals and they ensure that their patients are receiving the very best medical and nursing care.

They can’t change the end point of the patient’s journey, but they can change how they get there by making a difference to the quality of life they have along the way. And at the end, they want to bring as much peace, comfort and dignity as possible to each patient.

Read more about the role of a CNS here




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