Lotto draw Friday 28th August 2015


Friday 28
August 2015
1st Prize Mrs M from
Taunton- 7187
Rollover Prize won £1200 not
Rollover next week £1350

Another Friday brings another 11 lucky winners. Unfortunately the roll
over was not won again this week so next weeks roll over is £1350. Fingers
crossed for next week

The Winner of first place was a Mrs M from Taunton…Congratulations  on winning £1000

The winning numbers of £10 are 153, 27093, 37437, 14219, 53484, 99017,
35801 and Ticket number 116153 from Clevedon shop and 1095065 from
Westbury-on-trymm shop.

Enjoy you’re bank holiday weekend!



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