Local Lotto Results 07/08/2015

The sun is shining, the cricket is enthralling and the football season begins tomorrow……it can’t get any better…..or can it?!?

The Local Lotto draw has taken place again this Friday and we have another St Peter’s Hospice supporter who is £1,000 better off.

This weeks winning number is 59106, Mr D from Bath.  Congratulations sir!

The ten winners of £10 are as follows: 6156, 29889, 18383, 55562, 26831, 16905, 54862, 114509 (a ticket purchased in our Keynsham shop), 106601 (a ticket purchased in our Thornbury shop) and 123505 (a ticket purchased in our Yate shop)

The roll over of £750 was not won so next week stands at £900.

Congratualtions to all our winners and good luck to all next week.

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