Our Strictly Couples

Meet our Strictly Come Dancing Bristol couples, who have already started training for our dazzling dance challenge.

Mags and Phil

Mags and Phil both work for Rhodes – Mags in Training and Development and Phil in Event Management.

They were introduced to the work of St Peter’s Hospice by a friend.

“We were incredibly impressed by the work St Peter’s Hospice does and the dedication of the staff involved.  We felt we should be involved with the charity for one reason – we’re fit and healthy so we needed to celebrate that and support those who were not,” explains Phil.

Annette and Paul

Paul and Annette have been married for 17 years and have spent most of that time living in Bristol.

“We’ve been involved in good causes for a number of years, through charity walks and church-related projects. We’d love to raise funds and help get some publicity for St Peter’s Hospice which does such brilliant work,” explains Annette. “We both love Strictly Come Dancing and this is a great opportunity to live the dream!”

Sarah and Steve

Sarah and Steve have known each other since school. Whilst they’ve never been in a ballroom hold before, they are usually the last ones on the dancefloor at the end of the night and they feel it’s time to share this talent with a wider audience!

“It’s all Sarah’s fault!” says Steve. “But St Peter’s Hospice is a fabulous charity and what better way to raise money than to dance!”

Jenny and Joe

Jenny works for Simply Health and Joe works for the Cooperative.

“I always thought that if I was a celebrity, Strictly Come Dancing would be the show for me.” reveals Jenny. “I’m so excited to be part of it – I can’t wait to learn some new dance moves! St Peter’s Hospice is a great charity and I hope we’ll raise lots of money for such a good cause.”

Jenny and Pete

Jenny heard about Bristol’s Strictly Come Dancing on the radio and when she found out that it was for St Peter’s Hospice she was even more determined to take part. Jenny convinced her friend Pete to be her dance partner and they are putting everything they’ve got into getting it right on the night.

“I’ve been addicted to watching Strictly Come Dancing for the last couple of series and always thought how wonderful it would be to have a go,” says Jenny. “We have very little experience of dancing so to learn two dances will be immensely challenging. Winning would be beyond words!”

Karen and Mark

Karen and Mark met as students in Bath and have been married 27 years.

Mark’s parents were dance teachers but, whilst Mark and Karen loved the idea of dancing together they never seemed to find the time or have the opportunity. When they found out about Bristol Strictly Come Dancing they just had to take part.

“It’s a great way to support the Hospice,” explains Karen. “For us, the exciting part of Strictly Come Dancing is learning to dance and being part of the experience. I can’t imagine winning!”

Louise and Phil

Louise and Phill have been best friends for a long time. They decided to take part in Bristol Strictly Come Dancing to raise money in memory of Louise’s late husband and Phill’s close friend, Neil, who sadly passed away in November 2011.

“Phill and I used to dance together as part of a local amateur theatre company but we last performed 13 years ago! Ballroom dancing is a new challenge for us,” admits Louise.

“We’re thrilled to be able to raise money to help people suffering with life limiting diseases and their family and friends.”

Suzie and Stewart

Suzie and her husband Stewart both work at Southmead Hospital – Suzie as a Medical Secretary for a Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon and Stewart in IT. They always wanted to learn to dance so Bristol Strictly Come Dancing has provided the perfect excuse.  They are looking forward to dancing, meeting new people and raising funds money for an amazing cause.

“We seriously don’t expect to win – mainly due to my two left feet – but just the chance of trying would be a fantastic opportunity.” says Suzie. “If we do win, it would mean we could actually hold their heads up high at work.”

Mary and Conrad

Mary is a graphic designer and Conrad is a gardener.

They have never done any formal dancing but they thought they would give Bristol Strictly Come Dancing a go because it sounded like great fun and they enjoy the TV programme.

“It’s also a great chance to raise money for a very worthy cause. I was really shocked that the Hospice has to raise £14,000 per day just to carry on giving its support and care,” says Mary. “I’m looking forward to having a laugh, learning some moves, getting fitter and raising lots of money. Winning doesn’t matter… just knowing we will have the guts to perform in front of loads of people is winning enough for us!”

Christina and Gareth

Christina and Gareth have been inspired by the courage shown by loved ones that they’ve lost recently and this has spurred them to take on new things. Since St Peter’s Hospice has cared for and supported their family, they’ve been looking for a way to raise funds for the charity. Bristol Strictly Come Dancing seemed perfect!

“Neither of us can dance apart from the odd shuffle, finger-pointing and toe-tapping but we love to watch the TV show,” says Christina. “We both see this as a brilliant opportunity to take on the challenge of something new and a little scary in front of all our friends and family. We’re looking forward to learning and mastering a couple of routines, putting on a show and having lots of fun.”

Krysia and Paul

Paul looks after the marketing at Park Furnishers.  Krysia works as a volunteer at Second Step editing a newsletter for volunteers.

Paul discovered the work of the Hospice last year and was amazed by what it does for so many local people.

“I don’t dance.  Well, I do but embarrassingly – like a dad.  A dad, according to my kids, who is old enough to know better and should remain seated at all times due to his two left feet,” admits Paul.  “However, I’ve been persuaded to go out of my comfort zone and discover my inner Gene Kelly to raise money for one of the most deserving causes in Bristol.”

Miriam and Craig

Craig and Miriam work together in the Press and PR office at Avon and Somerset Police.

“We both want to learn to dance and St Peter’s Hospice holds particular significance to me as I’ve lost several family members to cancer, one of whom was cared for at the Hospice,” explains Miriam. “I’m also looking forward to swapping my boots and baton for sequins and spangles in the competition!”

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