35 Stories

In 2013 we celebrated 35 years of caring for Bristol. To mark this fantastic achievement, The Bristol Post featured a series of 35 stories about individuals who have experiences, helped to provide and supported our care over the years.

The Stories

  1. Leading St Peter's Hospice with military precision
  2. Former St Peter's Hospice nurse Carole Jenkins recalls what makes it so special
  3. Doctor's calling to help terminally ill
  4. Bristol songwriter George Ray said penning lyrics helped him deal with loss of mother
  5. 'This was real nursing...this was total care'
  6. Hardly a day goes by when somebody doesn't tell me what a difference our care makes
  7. Woman in awe of Bristol hospice now giving back
  8. Carers who offer a dignified end
  9. Human touch can relax Hospice patients
  10. Jenni's 'rewarding' role a world away from 80s
  11. Providing a warm welcome at the Hospice
  12. Making sure the right people are in the right beds at the right time
  13. Every day we are cooking somebody's final meal
  14. Helping you stay independent
  15. Helping loved ones during the hardest time of all
  16. Gardens offer a bright spot for Hospice staff and patients
  17. Sharing expertise with health professionals
  18. Hospice role has helped me deal with grief
  19. 'A Privilege to Support a Person in the Final Days'
  20. How your old clothes help Hospice care
  21. The nursing has changed but original ethos hasn't
  22. We like to keep it spick and span for the patients
  23. Helping people to achieve their goals
  24. The man whose work makes a difference to so many
  25. Songs from the heart
  26. Hospice at Home: It's important there's someone there to help
  27. I feel privileged to be working for St Peter's Hospice, says shop boss
  28. Supporting patients is incredibly rewarding
  29. We're there to listen...that really is our job
  30. 'We can help people to be independent despite illness'
  31. Becoming St Peter's Hospice trustee was 'right next step to take' for GP

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