Referral Process

Who can refer?

Healthcare professionals involved with the patient can refer with the agreement of the patient or their advocate, and the patient’s GP. If professionals have been asked by a third party to make the referral they are requested to discuss the referral with the patient first.

How to refer?

You can refer a patient to any of the services listed below using the generic form. For more information about each service, please click on the relevant link found in the main navigation menu.

Download generic referral form for referrals to:

  • Community Nurse Specialist
  • Medical Domiciliary Visit / OPA
  • Day Hospice
  • Inpatient admission

Please download service specific referral form for referrals to:

Email or fax the referral and additional information to:

Email address:

Fax number: 0117 9811405

Important information to provide:

  • Complete the referral form in full
  • Patient consent to data sharing of the GP and St Peter's Hospice EMIS records
  • Copies of relevant letters, reports and GP summaries, unless GP data sharing. Information about the reason for and expectations of the referral

Please contact the Hospice by telephone in the following circumstances:

  • Contact Access team to discuss all urgent referrals on 0117 9159495
  • Contact Hospice medic to discuss all referrals for IPU admission via advice line on 0117 9159430
  • Contact Access team to discuss all patients referred to Day Hospice with high care/equipment needs/O2 requirements ≥ 6 L/minute, on 0117 9159495

What happens next?

Following receipt of the referral it is triaged by the Access team who contacts the patient and completes an initial telephone assessment. This information is used to allocate the most appropriate service to meet individual patient and family needs, and to determine the urgency of the referral.

Internal referrals

It is not possible to make direct/external referrals for other services listed below which are only made by internal referral based on the needs of patients and carers:

  • Hospice at Home (respite).
  • Physiotherapy/Occupational Therapy.
  • Patient Family Support
  • Blood Transfusion
  • Complementary Therapy
  • Bereavement.