Open Access/Discharge Process

After a period of care, assessment, advice and support, some patients no longer require on-going Hospice care, for example:

  • Complex symptoms have improved or are resolved.
  • Complex social, psychological or spiritual issues have been addressed.
  • On-going patient and family needs can be managed by primary care.
  • Patient or carer no longer wants to receive St Peter's Hospice services.
  • Patient has moved to a GP surgery outside the Hospice catchment area.

These patients will be discharged with the offer of an open access appointment. This means that the Hospice will not be routinely contacting the patient or carer. The patient and GP will be sent a letter explaining that future re-referral can be activated by the patient, or, with the patient’s consent, by the GP, family or healthcare professional if the situation changes and the referral criteria are met.

Re-referral process

Patients may be re-referred if the patient needs Hospice services in the future, and meets the referral criteria. To process the re-referral we may require additional information such as clinical letters and reports (unless available via EMIS data sharing) as well as the reason and expectations of re-referral.

The process for re-referral depends on the length of time since the patient was discharged as follows:

  • Within 1 month. Referrer can make direct contact with the team which previously provided their Hospice service.
  • ≥ 1 month. The referrer should contact the Access team on 0117 9159495. Additional information may be requested. 
  • ≥ 9 months. Referrer should complete a new referral form and provide additional information as for a new referral.