Medical Domiciliary Visit/OPA

Generic Referral Form

Service description

The senior members of the specialist medical team meet regularly with the Hospice community nurse specialists and are available for home visits/out-patient assessments to review patients with more complex needs. Domiciliary visits or out-patient appointments by a senior medic can be requested to assess and advise on complex medical management and treatment plans. Visits/assessments may be conducted jointly with a Hospice Community Nurse Specialist, GP or other relevant healthcare professional.

Referral criteria

  • Patients who meet the whole service referral criteria.
  • Patient has been assessed by the GP, senior hospital specialist, member of the hospital palliative care team or current Hospice team.
  • Patient requires input from a senior medic in Palliative Medicine due the complexity of their problems, which may include medical, ethical or communication issues.

Referral process

  • For an external referral of a patient already known to a Hospice service, a request for visit or OPA can be made by contacting the relevant Hospice team or discussion with a senior medic via the advice line, 0117 9159430.
  • For external referral of patients who are not already known to the Hospice, a generic referral form should be completed specifically requesting a medical domiciliary visit or OPA including details of their complex needs.

Following assessment the medic will decide with the patient what ongoing support they require from the Hospice services and communicate with the referrer.