Inpatient Unit Admisson

Generic Referral Form

IPU Service description

The inpatient beds at St Peter’s Hospice are used for short-term admissions for the assessment and management of complex symptoms, care and psychosocial needs. The Hospice is unable to provide admission for respite or long term care.

IPU Admission criteria

  • Assessment and management - Palliative care needs are of a complexity or intensity that cannot be met in their current location.
  • Intervention - Limited treatments are required that are less appropriate in another setting, due to the phase of the patient’s illness, such as, blood transfusion, abdominal paracentesis or treatment of hypercalcaemia.
  • Last days of life – Assessment within the last 24 hours by the St Peter's Hospice Team, Primary Healthcare team or hospital palliative care team concludes that the patient is actively dying in the next 2 weeks with needs of a complexity and intensity which cannot be met in their current location.

Where more complex care needs are identified at the time of referral, further information, multi-disciplinary discussion or risk assessments may be required to ensure the Hospice is equipped to meet these appropriately.

NB Patients with acute, reversible conditions requiring urgent investigation or intensive medical management should be considered for hospital admission, depending on the informed choice of the patient or patient’s advocate.

Standard: Admission prioritised according to priority of need. Response time varies according to IPU workload and capacity.

IPU Referral process

Routine procedure for arranging admission

Requests for admissions are made by St Peter's Hospice and local hospital palliative care team professionals at a daily conference call, Monday to Friday. Decisions to admit patients who meet the criteria are made by the Hospice MDT at this meeting, based on priority of need. Those who are not admitted are added to a waiting list.

Requests for admission can also be made by healthcare professionals, but not paramedics, outside the conference call by speaking to a senior Hospice medic via the advice line on 0117 9159430. This may include professionals outside the catchment area if patient is moving to the St Peter's Hospice catchment area. If a patient is not known to the Hospice, completion of a referral form will be required.

Admission agreed

When admission is agreed, additional information about complex care needs and risk assessments will be requested. The professional requesting admission will arrange transport.

Please notify the Hospice if your patient is using oxygen; when patients using oxygen are admitted to St Peter's Hospice, the Hospice will arrange for a supply of oxygen to be delivered for use by the patient during their inpatient stay. If a patient's oxygen needs prescribing or prescription changed prior to admission, the referring doctor may need to contact the Home Oxygen Team to arrange completion of 'Part B' HOOF by a specialist respiratory clinician.

IPU Discharge

As the Hospice cannot provide long-term care, whenever possible, patients will be discharged back to their usual place of residence with suitable care and equipment in place. Sometimes patients will be discharged to another setting such as a care home if their on-going care needs cannot be met at home.