Day Hospice

Generic Referral Form

Transport form

Service description

The Day Hospice offers a 12 week programme that patients attend once a week which includes lunch. Patients, with a carer if wanted, attend an initial introductory visit before starting the full programme. The service is organised in a social space where patients can access support from the hospice team and other attendees. They are offered various therapeutic and sociable activities and can participate in facilitated group discussions on relevant topics. Patients with more complex issues can be reviewed by one of the medical team if required.

Referral Criteria

  • Patients and carers understand and agree to the service.
  • Patient can participate in a group environment without distress.
  • Hospice transport form completed (if cannot arrange own transport).
  • Please notify the Hospice if your patient is using oxygen; when patients using oxygen are admitted to St Peter's Hospice, the Hospice will arrange for a supply of oxygen to be delivered for use by the patient during their inpatient stay. If a patient's oxygen needs prescribing or prescription changed prior to admission, the referring doctor may need to contact the Home Oxygen Team to arrange completion of 'Part B' HOOF by a specialist respiratory clinician.

Please discuss specific requirements as follows:

  • O2 requirements ≥ 6 litres/minute.
  • High level of care needs.
  • Need for specialist equipment e.g. hoist, nebuliser, PEG etc
  • Needs assessment for Hospice wheelchair vehicle.

On completion of the 12 week programme, patients will be referred to a CNS for on-going care if required. Otherwise they will be discharged back to primary care if their needs have been adequately addressed or met.