End of Life Care Workshops for Support Workers

We are running a series of 8 Workshops for Health and Social Care Support Workers on a range of End of Life Care topics.

They provide a great opportunity for new and existing staff to gain knowledge in End of Life Care.

Each Workshop is just £25 per person and will be held at St Peters Hospice Charlton Road, Brentry BS10 6NL starting at 1pm and finishing at 4pm.


  • Workshop 1: Introduction in End of Life Care - 23rd March 2020
    • What is End of Life Care?
    • How do we recognise End of Life Care?
  • Workshop 2: Planning for End of Life Care -  20th April 2020 Cancelled
    • How do we promote dignity and choice at the end of life?
    • What is Advance Care Planning?
    • How do we co-ordinate and share information?
  • Additional Workshop: Dementia and End of Life Care - dates to be announced
    • Define dementia and the common types.
    • Recognise the principles of EOL person centred care for people with dementia
    • Discuss how to recognise pain and ways this can be managed
    • Describe addressing the physical needs of a person with dementia at end of life
  • Workshop 3: Talking to Individuals, families and carers as they approach the end of life (Dealing with Emotions) - 11th May 2020 Cancelled
    • Why are end of life conversations difficult?
    • How do we encourage and support people to talk to us?
  • Workshop 4: Food and Drink at the end of life - 1st June 2020 Cancelled
    • To be able to promote a holistic approach to nutritional assessment at the end of life.
  • Workshop 5: Promoting Health and Well-being -  22nd June 2020 Cancelled
    • To be able to recognise the importance of spiritual, social and psycological care and its impact on quality of life.
    • To be able to demonstrate interventions that promote health and well-being- gentle touch, music, relaxation therapies, breathing techniques.
  • Workshop 6: Symptoms & Comfort - 6th July 2020
    • To understand common physical problems at the end of life.
  • Workshop 7: Loss, Grief and Carers Support - 5th March 2020 & 27th July 2020
    • To undertand the impact of loss & grief on individuals approaching end of life.
    • Identify ways to support individuals through the process of loss & grief.
    • Recognise own needs in relation to loss and grief, how to support self.

More information and booking

To book a place please contact the education team:

Email: education@stpetershospice.org

Phone: 0117 9159465