End of Life Care Workshops for Support Workers

We are running a series of 7 Workshops for Health and Social Care Support Workers on a range of End of Life Care topics.

They provide a great opportunity for new and existing staff to gain knowledge in End of Life Care.

These workshops can be used towards work being completed for the Care Certificate or QCF Qualification in End of Life Care.

Each Workshop is just £20 per person and will be held at the Greenway Centre, Doncaster Road, Southmead.  BS10 5PY Starting at 1pm and finishing at 4pm.


  • Workshop 1: Introduction in End of Life Care -  1st May 2018
    • What is End of Life Care?
    • How do we recognise End of Life Care?
  • Workshop 2: Planning for End of Life Care -  5th June 2018
    • How do we promote dignity and choice at the end of life?
    • What is Advance Care Planning?
    • How do we co-ordinate and share information?
  • Workshop 3: Talking to Individuals, families and carers as they approach the end of life (Dealing with Emotions) -  3rd July 2018
    • Why are end of life conversations difficult?
    • How do we encourage and support people to talk to us?
  • Workshop 4: Food and Drink at the end of life -  4th September 2018
    • To be able to promote a holistic approach to nutritional assessment at the end of life.
  • Workshop 5: Promoting Health and Well-being -  2nd October 2018
    • To be able to recognise the importance of spiritual, social and psycological care and its impact on quality of life.
    • To be able to demonstrate interventions that promote health and well-being- gentle touch, music, relaxation therapies, breathing techniques.
  • Workshop 6: Symptoms & Comfort - 6th March 2018 and 6th November 2018
    • To understand common physical problems at the end of life.
  • Workshop 7: Loss, Grief and Carers Support - 17th April 2018 and 4th December 2018
    • To undertand the impact of loss & grief on individuals approaching end of life.
    • Identify ways to support individuals through the process of loss & grief.
    • Recognise own needs in relation to loss and grief, how to support self.

More information and booking

To book a place please contact the education team:

Email: education@stpetershospice.org

Phone: 0117 9159465