Room to Care Appeal

We're building a 21st Century Hospice for Bristol

We believe that patients should be treated with dignity and compassion, and be close to those they love especially during their final days and hours. That’s why we have launched our Room to Care Appeal – a fundraising appeal to help us raise the remaining £1.53 million we need to build a Hospice that allows us to deliver this.

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The current Hospice and Inpatient Unit (IPU) at Brentry opened in 1998. Today, the IPU needs to change to make the stay more comfortable for patients and their loved ones. The current twin rooms we have often cannot be shared due to challenges such as patient confusion and infection risks, meaning we have beds that can’t be used. When rooms are shared this can compromise patient privacy and does not provide the best environment for visiting families and loved ones at such a sensitive and precious time.

As part of improving the patient experience the redesigned IPU will provide the right clinical setting to allow our nurses to provide the highest quality care.

Alongside general improvements to the facilities, layout and efficiency of the Inpatient Unit, the main change will be upgrading to 15 single, en-suite rooms.

The redeveloped IPU will improve our occupancy rate from 75% to 95%. Over the next 20 years it will allow us to support more than 6,250 patients and 18,500 relatives and friends.

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